At Vespertine, we aim to create beautiful wear-forever products with the least harmful impact on the planet.  

The underwear is created using the off cuts from the silk blouses to ensure as little as possible goes to waste.

We will endeavour to use natural fibres and breathable fabrics. After extensive research with The Sustainable Angle we have identified silk as a relatively low impact fabric. Our buttons are made from the sustainable corozo nut.

Our labels and tags are always recycled and we will have our product delivered to us in biodegradable bags exchanging for a recycled paper box to deliver to our customer.

Vespertine will manufacture using trusted and audited factories and suppliers known to us.

We encourage our customers to care for their garments the eco way with natural refreshing sprays, less washing and steam dry cleaning. 

We believe the creation of a brand invites us to make a positive change accordingly we will divert a percentage of profits to The World Land Trust. A key charity in protecting the loss of biodiversity.