About Vespertine

The word ‘Vespertine’ is used in the sciences to describe plants and animals which flourish or bloom in the evening. Vespertine is also the name of an early Bjork album which features emotive strings and the sounds of twilight creatures, which encapsulates the mood that we aspire to create.

Taking inspiration from vintage music culture, in particular the romance of the 1970’s rock scene, Vespertine endeavours to make luxury garments more widely accessible.

Our signature underwear is created using the leftover silk pieces to ensure as little as possible of the carefully sourced material goes to waste.

Integral to the World of Vespertine is our love for honest and beautiful imagery rooted in film, music and nature. Vespertine is not just about recreating the perfect vintage pieces passed down from your mother, it’s about the stories we tell around them.

We take inspiration from our community of friends and muses, who wear our designs and make them their own; whether that’s on stage, at a party, or simply dreaming in bed.

Vespertine captures the spirit of the evening as it unfolds into night.