About Vespertine

Vespertine is a clothing label by Katy Close and Lili Sumner.

Drinking whisky one evening on the edge of Loch Linnhe where Katy spent her childhood summers, we came up with the name Vespertine: the scientific word for plants and animals which flourish or bloom in the evening… a bit like us. 

Vespertine is also the name of an early Björk album we love which features emotive strings and the sounds of twilight creatures, encapsulating the mood we want to create.

The concept came from the idea of recreating the perfect vintage pieces with a focus on a music inspired aesthetic. 

Styles that are romantic, not fussy, sensual yet not too serious. We spotted a gap in the market for authentic, high quality garments at an accessible luxury price point. 

Underwear is created using the off cuts from the silk blouses to ensure as little as possible goes to waste.

Season-less garments designed to share together and wear forever, Vespertine is the antithesis to throw-away fashion. 

The World of Vespertine is brought to life with honest and beautiful imagery rooted in film and music and nature. The design and creative direction comes exclusively  in house from our co- founders. 

We share our product by way of community, inviting friends of Vespertine to effortlessly wear the brand, whether that’s on stage, to a party, a gig or a festival.

This is not just about recreating the perfect vintage pieces, but the stories we tell around them.

Vespertine captures the spirit of the evening as it unfolds into night.

With love,

Katy and Lili x